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Non-invasive Measurement of Thoracic Kyphosis and Lumber lordosis among Agricultural workers and Corporate Professionals( IT) using Flexicurve Ruler

Vol 9 No 2 (2019)

Section : Original Articles


Skeletal abnormalities result from lack of motion and inappropriate movement patterns, which have undesirable effects on the psychological, social, and physiological function. This study was undertaken to introduce a non- invasive technique for clinical diagnosis of spinal cord deformities.


The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the postural deformities and onset of thoracic Kyphosis and lumber Lordosis among agricultural workers and Information Technology(IT) workers.

 This cross sectional study was carried out  on Agricultural workers(41-45 years) and IT Workers (21-25 years)  and their age matched control groups. Measurements were made by Flexicurve Ruler in special standing posture. Kyphosis and Lordosis angles and Indices were calculated.

 It indicates  that  maximum percentage of subjects has  kyphotic  angle between 400 -600 . In case of Agriculture  workers  ,it is  76.66%  and  88% in IT workers  in comparison to control group. Maximun subjects have lordotic angle between 300 - 500 ,  in case of agriculture  workers it is 43.33% and 68%  in case of  IT workers  in comparison to  control group. It has  also been observed  that 47% agriculture workers and 11% of IT workers reported  lumber pain. 

  Measurement of  Kyphosis  and  Lordosis  is useful in examining  the degree  of spinal cord deformities , occupational hazards, measuring  the response to a therapeutic intervention  and monitoring the progression of the abnormalities . From this information ergonomic intervention can be suggested.

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