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Article Processing Fee (APF)

Authors from Nepal are waived the Article Processing Fee.

Upon submission of the manuscript, you agree to pay the Article Processing Fee (APF) after the manuscript is peer-reviewed and accepted for publication.

IJOSH charges an article processing fee to cover the costs associated with the publication process, digital typing, copy-editing, etc.

The corresponding author will be responsible for arranging the payment. Article Processing Fee (APF) transfer-related bank charges should be borne by the authors. The authors are requested to make sure that the full article processing fees as mentioned below are delivered to the journal account.

Besides the article processing fee, IJOSH does not levy any other charges under any heading. There are no charges for processing color images or other graphics. 

Authors from low-income countries may request a discounted article processing fee. The APF discount or waiver request should be made during the submission of the manuscript.

Authors from Nepal: No APF

Authors from SAARC countries: USD 50

Authors from Low and Low Middle-Income Countries: USD 100

Authors from Upper Middle-Income Countries: USD 150

Authors from High-Income Countries: USD 200

Source: World Bank classification of countries by economies